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Lifestyles & subcultures of 80-s in USSR

Archive of the unofficial Moscow-Petersburg movement is a photo array, covering the tumultuous events of the period of the collapse of the USSR in the 80s of the 20th century, the time of formation of the youth subculture, which in the process of Perestroika has gone into history under the general label of informals. Subculture, which in over 10 years of its existence has formed its own language of expression, street style, fashion, art, communication, and self-sufficient music lovers market within the already well non-Soviet society. Participants, whose shocking active work created quite a curious, bright, and so far insufficiently studied insider history, which is nothing more than the last altruistic response of the youth to the fall of the Soviet Union and the socialist society and the transformation of the life in the Soviet capital. The history which continues today.

Currently, in the project of reconstruction of this history, were made over 50 extensive interviews covering the events of the last two decades on behalf of the active members of the Moscow and Leningrad underground. Project materials are prepared in the form of publications and exhibition materials. The first part in a photo collection of "Hooligans of the 80s’" was published in 2009. Another photo part of the story was published as a catalog to the last exhibition in 2011. Information about other projects can be found here.

The project is open for cooperation with the members of this subculture, cultural, gallery and publishing circles, and other interested parties who share the position of the project management. At the moment the portal is in the process of filling and processing information, as well as preparing the next edition and exhibition.

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29 november 2009г.
Новая Москва
30 november 2009г.
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