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Andrey Bezukladnikov

Born in 1959 in Perm. In the early 80's – member of photo studio "Perm." In 1984-86 was the photojournalist of the regional Perm youth newspaper "Molodaya Gvardiya". In 1986 he moved to Moscow, settled with his friends, students in a basement. From 1987-1988 - worked with the magazine "Theatrical Life". Enters a photo-section of the creative association of "Hermitage," where he meets with Moscow photographers Ilya Piganov, Boris Mikhailov, Sergey Leontiev, Alexey Shulgin, Igor Mukhin, and other amazing people... In 1988 he meets with the theater director Anatoly Vasilyev, who invites A. Bezukladnikov as a photographer to work in his theater "School of Dramatic Art." As a photographer collaborates with the filmmakers Ivan Dyhovichny, selecting photographs for a photo-movie "Red Series" (France, 1989) Pavel Lungin ("Luna Park", 1991), Claude Massot film ("Nanook of the North", 1992) and Denis Evstigneev film ("Limita", 1993). In the 80’s documented the chronicles of the Moscow underground shooting the leaders of  "Parallelynoye kino", Moscow’s conceptualist artists, poets and rock musicians. In 1992 creates an autobiographical project "Taro cards", a kind of summing up of a twelve-year creative life. 1998-99 - creates a non-profit network resource Photographer.Ru in order to promote creative photography. A member of jury of various photo contests

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