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Mikhail Grushin

Educated  at the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), where he studied from 1981 to 1987. Studies on the primary occupation combined with training in the department of "Photojournalism" "Faculty of Social Sciences MAI." Upon completion of "Photojournalism" has received a diploma as a  "Photographer". The photographic knowledge was fixated in practice: cooperated with the press center of MAI and took photographs for the institute's factory newspaper "Propeller." Among all kinds of photography the most loved were taking pictures of artists and musicians. Good that in the DK of MAI, they were often enough. In 1987, almost every day took pictures at some concert, then till two or three o'clock in the morning made and printed photos, and by eight in the morning he went to the KB Tupolev, where he worked as an engineer. By that time the works of Mihail were published in the domestic and foreign press, and so after half-year of suffering, he resigned from the KB to the Moscow Rock Laboratory, where he began to do what he loved most - taking pictures of rock musicians. Photos were published in the released by Rock Laboratory publications of "Sdvig", "Sdvig-afisha", as well as other domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines. At the same time a great interest in his photographs of rock musicians showed news agency "Novosti", producing magazines in this country and abroad.

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Korrosia Metalla strip show,1989
Matrosskaya Tishina,1989
Nii Kosmetiki
Veszliviy otkaz
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