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Yaroslav Mayev

In infancy Yaroslav, genuinely disassembling his grandparents watering can in his childhood, and who has somewhere in the attic some amount of his great-grandfathers box-cameras gathering dust: family legend says that on the fronts of World War I he flew above the German positions, by conducting one of the first aerial photographic reconnaissance... no less sincerely believes that photography, in a sense, is in his blood. More or less consciously took a camera in his hands at early adolescence: "Zenit 3M," then his father's brand new, black "Zenit-TTL" with a 42mm thread and the Olympic symbols, the camera was soon expropriated and long served him faithfully. To which, much later, was bought his first interchangeable lens - 37mm wide-angle "Mir-1B”. But serious passion for photography came to him in the later student  years at MSU, replacing even physics. A crossing with the famous studio of Lapin somehow did not happen, but in 1984 was caught in the  filming the capitals underground, on the street was tagged by the interested at that time with  the topic Yuriy Shekochikhin, who brought him to the "Literaturka". Brought him to the legendary reporter Timothy V. Bazhenov, and asked him to teach this guy to shoot... to which he looked, at Yaroslav's pictures which he was really proud of, did not even swear, but gave a roll of negativ A2SH and strictly ordered use it all. Periodically, looked at fresh prints, mercilessly berated for "photo amaturism", and showed his works. Gave another roll from the editorial stocks and sent off to shoot more ... so it began. Striving as an outstate in the stirred perestroika press, in 1989 got an offer to participate in the creation of an entirely new, unprecedented  here  newspaper, with an unusual name of "Kommersant". A handful of dedicated associates from scratch on the knee created a new style of free Russian journalism, and were so incredibly proud of it. Soon he bought and his first "Nikon" and Mayev started counting himselfe as a master of reportage. Ran as a special correspondent in "Kommersant" till 1993, was part of the Kremlin fotopull - until got sick and tired of the newspaper fuss. After working for an Italian photo archive agency, decided to finally end with news. In recent years, moved to digital, and prefers thoughtful work in the studio. Is a moderator in a couple of well-known photo resources on the internet and teaches courses of studio photography. Still is fond of underground.

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Performance 1989
Punk girl,1988
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