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Sergei Borisov

Sergei Borisov was born in 1947.  When Sergei was twelve years old he entered the photo hobby group of the Moscow City House of Pioneers. Photography became enormous part of his life. Borisov also worked as a lighting assistant in the theatre which led to a career of professional photographer.
Since the 1970s he actively photographs Russian pop stars and rock groups for posters and album covers at MELODIA record label. More than 60 were printed.
After 1976 he became a member of the photography section of the Moscow United Committee of Graphic Artists on Malaya Gruzinskaya Street. Around the same time Sergei Borisov starded documenting the events of the alternatrive-art life for the Moscow Archive of the New Art (Mana) alongside with Igor Makarevich , Georgy Kizevalter and Andrei Monastyrsky. In his works Borisov sought to convey the texture of daily life in the time of the Perestroika, with its incestuous relationship between the old and the new unfolding amid the ruins of the 'civitas solis'. In each of these photographs, the sense of the internal ruin is attained with a selection of run-down tourist-poster views of fountains, monuments, the kremlin towers or the Moscow river embankments as background.
His models were Boris Grebenshikov, Ilia Kabakov, Viktor Tsoi, Vlad Mamyshev-Monroe, Oleg Gazmanov, Zhanna Aguzarova, Timur Novikov, Anatoly Zverev and many other important figures of the Russian cultural milieu of the end of the last millennium.
His works were sold at the London and New York Sotheby's, Christie's and Phillips de Pury auctions.
The prints of his work are held in such museums as Kunsthhaus. Zurich,Musee d'Elisee. Lausanne, The State Tretyakov Gallery (contemporary art section), MTI-Museum. Cambridge, USA

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