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Alexander Tyagny-Ryadno

Alexander Removich Tyagny-Ryadny (born February 20, 1956, Moscow) - Russian photographer. Husband of poetess Tatiana Shcherbina. He graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute, worked as a design engineer, video engineer, and then graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University. Since 1984 professionally works in the press as a photographer and photo editor in the magazine "Journalist", "Metcenat”, «Moscow Magazine», newspapers "NTR", "Soviet culture", "Izvestia", "Sobesednik”. Currently a freelance photographer, engaged in documentary travel photography. More than forty of his personal exhibitions were held in France, UK, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Russia. The works of Tyagny-Ryadno are in museums and private collections in many countries: Russia, Latvia, Spain, Britain, France, America, Poland and Bulgaria. He has published several photo books: "Svyatoslav Fedorov" (published by "Planeta"), "Elena Obraztsova," (published by "APN"), "One hundred of the best restaurants in Moscow" (published by "Vagrius"), "Morning Island", "Norilsk", "Pages... "," Siberia for all times "(published by" Penta"), " France: Magic hexagon" (AST - "Zebra-E"), "Photography", "Fifty cities", "The Jerusalem syndrome", "Hot Armenia", "One Flew Over the Gryphon's Nest."

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