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Igor Mukhin

Was born in 1961 in Moscow. After graduating from a construction college works in the construction design institute, then as a controller in VOHR. In 1986-1987 he attends classes at the Studio of Art Photography of Alexander Lapin, in 1986-1987 working in the rock-self-publishing. In 1987, in the house of culture of the Moscow State University A.Lapin holds the first solo exhibition of I.Muhina, after the exhibition, the studio of A.Lapina at MSU gets closed. Since 1987 a member of "Direct photography" group. In 1989 leaves his job and starts working as an independent / free-lance photographer. At the time of perestroika and publicity makes an independent photo-project about the Soviet youth and rock musicians (portraits of Victor Tsoi, Boris Grebenshchikov, Peter Mamonov, Dunya Smirnova (in the rock band "Tupiye"), Alexander Bashlachev). Photos of this period are published in the books of Artemiy Troitskiy «ROCK in Russland» (1989) and «TUSOVKA. Who’s who in the new soviet rock culture / Hangout" (1990). Work on the first creative photo-project: "Youth of the Big City" (portraits of the informal Soviet youth), shooting was held in Moscow, Leningrad, Vilnius, Riga, etc., in 1985 -1989 years. Works from this project multiple times were displayed at exhibitions and published in books and media in the Soviet Union, Russia and abroad. In the late 1980s begins working on an independent photo projects.

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