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As much many-sided phenomenon as punk aesthetics, the Soviet beatnik style originated in the distant 70-s, when this definition was applied to fancy decadents visiting bawdy places, wearing over the shoulder long hair and leather jackets or collarless jackets a-la Beatles. This definition also applied to musicians who were playing music to order in the soviet restaurants and people out of any “leagues”  leading isolated and immoral in terms of the Soviet aestethics lifestyle. By the early 80-s this tendency was aggravated by sloppy appearance, obnoxious behavior and a required distinguishing attribute, be it a hat, or a scarf or a colourful tie. In Leningrad the beatnik aesthetics was cultivated in the circles of the New Artists and Necrorealists in the period of 1982-1984, what resulted in appearance not only of a beatnik image - a rock-n-roll fan in dark glasses - but of the art series dedicated to the beatniks. There were also mock beatnik fashion shows and Evgeniy Yufit has created the whole aesthetics of beatnik poses ranging from the “half-beatnik” to the total “assa”. In the mid 80-s after the thaw and liberalization of melomania emerged beatnik-style with different aesthetics, but equally complex, combining “beatlemen” and renegades from the collapsing hippie-system.

Photos: 10
Chelyabinsk end of 70-s
Chelyabinsk end of 70-s
1 aprils parad, Leningrad 1983
Evgeniy Ufit in "half of bithnik" pose,1983
Leningrad, middle 80-s
Moscow beginning of 80-s
Moscow, 1986
Beatniks(Timur Novikov and Oleg Kotelnikov.Photo by Evgeniy Kozlov
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