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Evolving from on one hand from abbreviations and domestic youth tattoo, motifs gradually overgrew with foreign brands, non-Soviet slogans and other caricatures. And if the metal-rockers confined to modest markings of membership of subcultures, then in the punk enviroment, with its ironic caricature approach and desire for non-human experiments, it was not restricted. By the end of the 80’s subcultural tattoo experiencing pressure from both officialdom and from the criminals (for the use of related motives and colors), had acquired specific features and semantic value, which in turn reflected in the approach of tattooing fellow citizens. Anarchistic and antisocial slogans, music lover attributes, skulls and cartoons have become a new major set of tattoos that with small motives began to appear on the bodies of the Soviet youth of the 80’s. The gradual increase in the number of images resulted in the first artistic attempts to stylistically merge and first forms of artistic expression. By the beginning of the 90’s Russian tattoo had all the features and had a status character, with their personalities, legends, social circles and the beginnings of the industry. But the old motives of veterans of those events still remain in the status of unforgettable and unbeatable, and some experimenters of the 80’s can be easily recognized by numerous smaller multilayered images or painted over with fully black parts on the body.

Photos: 10
Bikers motives
bikers tattoo
Face tattooed club Biberevo, beginning 90-s
hardcore portak,Leningrad
Made by  gajet "pishnya"
Punk,Leningrad 80-s
Punk,Moscow 80-s
Punks motives
Rockabilly motive
Rockers motives
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