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Avant-garde fashion - the term is acceptable for the global industry in 1970-80s, in the Soviet reality had no practical meaning because of lack of the collective understanding of fashion and of mainstream, which could venerate the notorious "avant-garde". So much so, as there was at least some alternative to all that was offered on the shelves - just divorced from the realities of Soviet, emotional, creative, but which had a grateful audience. Alternative fashion was wild and untamed, appearing suddenly, like a chemical reaction of various groups of underground artists, who with a lightning speed have won their own space on the rock scene in squats and on the official podium. The very term formally entrenched behind this striking phenomenon in 1988, appearing first on the pages of the Polish magazine Mlodosc. In fact, introducing a theater of new esthetic mode, this phenomenon was on the verge of performance and design show. Rumors, ideas and legends, all embodied by designers and mods in extravagant ways on amateur catwalks and on the streets. And lasted until the arrival in the new Russia of the 1990s glossy foreign fashion magazines, to differentiate at a club performance, street and squatter alternative, reaching its climax in the form of Riga Assembly of alternative fashion, many of members of which went on their way in the fashion and design industry.

Photos: 15
Assa show in club Mayak. 1985 Photo by Garry Assa
Look by Laboratory of experemental Fashion,1988.Photo by Viktoria Ivleva-Yorke
Assa show in DK MELZ. 1988 Photo by Sergey Lydov
Bruno Birmanis collection , end of 80-s
Ekaterina Ryszikova,1988
Fashion show by Katya Mossina in redaction of Fashion Magazine
Georgiy Ostretsov,1988.Photo by Albert Watson
Katya Filippova,1988.Photo by Asa Kary Franck
Katya Mossina,1988.Photo by Andrey Bezukladnikov
Look by Elena Hudyakova,1988.Photo by Viktor Grutsuk
Looks by Irina Afonina for italian shop,1988
Looks by Saha Petlura,1989.Photo by Dmitriy Zinger
Petr Mamonov in  alternative fashion show, 1987
Look by La-Re Duo,1988.Photo by Ilia Piganov
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