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During the confrontation with lowlife and “lyuberas” in 1986-1991 in rocker and heavy-metal circles came through especially active groups, that on the turn of the 90-s transformed from motogangs into the first motor-clubs with visual attributes on the model of the foreign bike-clubs and on heavy motorcycles, modified by hand  or even on the post-war trophy models. Already by 1990 in Moscow stood out groups like “Hell Dogs”, “Night Wolves” and “Cossacs Russia”. There were also more short-lived  motor-unions like “MC Davydkovo”. The self-given name “bikers”, as a symbol of separation of this stage from the rocker past, initially applied to a group rallied around Alexander “the Surgeon” and then involved the whole  motorcycle movement that gradually spread to many cities in the post-Soviet area.  The main bikers hangouts of that period were “Pushka” (Pushkinskaya) and “Luzha” (Luzhniki stadium), and the moto-routes included a patch on Vasilievsky Slope, “Patricki” (Patriarshie Ponds), “Gorbushka” (Gorbunov cultural centre), clubhouse of the “Night Wolves” in Gorky Park’s outdoor theatre and the uptown café “Otradnoye” (aka Otryzhka – the Belch). The history of this movement born at the turn of the 90-s still continues today.

Photos: 10
Bikers on Red Sqweer,1989
Hell Dogs mg,1990
Hirurg,1989. Photo Petra Gall
Moscow 1989
Night Wolves mg.1989.Photo by Sergey Borisov
Tushino , Moscow,1989.
Luszniky,Moscow 1989.
Kim ir sen,1990
HAMS &Night Wolfes MG in Gorkiy Park,1992 год
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