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The most ideology-driven and at the same time apolitical movement  got its first manifestations at the turn of the 80-s. Without having the whole visual information about their foreign counterparts but realizing the potency of the artistic caricature lifestyle, this phenomenon manifested itself in form of mocking street idiocy, artistic craziness gradually overgrowing with non-soviet attributes, music-making and arts. Like beatniks punks were featured by separated groups collaborating in between the styles of the Soviet 80-s: beatniks, new-wave and stilyagas. Being the most “insulting” social display for the soviet establishment (obviously discrediting the morals of the Soviet citizen in the eyes of the foreign tourists), the “soviet punk” underwent the hardest pressure from  Komsomol-members, militia and lowlife. All this led to radicalization; fusion of punks and rockers and shaping of hardcore, crusty and cyberpunk styles with first mohawks on the insane heads of their bearers. To the surprise of the representatives of the soviet punk-underground when information breaches opened up in the “iron curtain” it turned out, that these manifestations coincided with progressive global subcultural tendencies. Being initially anarchically and nihilistically-minded the punkrockers of the late 80-s were holding independent progressive views, which their foreign age-mates defined as DIY (do it yourself). By the end of the 80-s along with the advance of the soviet rock-scene and mass unemployment, the ranks of this movement  joined the new young masses stripped of an ideological bias - that the “old wave” representatives made haste to dissociate from – who changed the exterior stylistics to hardmod, mod and psychobilly. While the devotees of the exterior “soviet punk” style and the soviet pop-rock scene were defined as “shitpunks” by the radical creative underground and as “I don’t give a fuck kinda people” by the public.

Photos: 10
Punks from Leningrad in film without uniform ,1988
DK Gorbunovo,1987
Leningrad,1986 Photo Nataly Vasilyevoy
Moscow,1988.Photo by Yaroslav Maev
Moscow,1988.Photo by Yaroslav Maev
Tallin.1988.Photo by Lev Goncharov
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