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The style itself became widely spread in 83-85, when the information blockade was slightly pulled down and popularization of the style went parallel the all-european classic rock-n-roll revival and the beginning of psychobilly movement in the second half of the 80-s. In the Soviet Union its manifestation superimposed on new-wavers suit fashion, but after 1986 it isolated partly in Kupchino underground (Leningrad), partly in rockers circles (Moscow, Art Theatre) and in Elvis Presley fan-club (Moscow) with hangouts on Revolution Square metro station and the Catacombs (ruins of the Greek Hall in the medieval arcades near Red Square). The development was stimulated again in 1989, when after a turbulent fusion of styles in informal circles of capital city center the young reached out for the orthodox roots, and the restless part of vintage style devotees formed a new communication on the basis of Tishinsky flea-market and nearby squats. In Leningrad, where subcultures didn’t experience such shocks of popularization and fusion as in Moscow the “rockabilly rebels” style remained in its canonical form, but without a full-blown motor-movement, and part of the devotees have logically evolved into psycho-fans. Their main hangouts were Kupchino, café “The Climate” and central streets of the city.

Photos: 10
Billy girl,Moscow 1987
Esz and Mavr(Mister Twister),1987
James Deen Style,early 90-s
Just married,1989
Rockabilly on Arbat street,1989
Rockabilly's in Moscow 1987
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