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Popular Mechaniсa

Rightfully the main set for Assa were happenings organized by Sergey Kuryokhin in form of Popular Mechanics – a kind  of an idiomatic ship where Sergey played the role of captain. Being a composer with jazz background he based this concept on jazz improvisation, that was slowly sucking up all the art forms and new  participants, balancing in terms of music between aesthetics of jazz, rock and new wave.  Sceniс-wise along with theatrical performances happenings started to include art exhibitions and avant-garde fashion shows, combined in a whole performative action, symbolizing death and birth, chaos and order, death of the old and birth of the new. Aboard this ship in the Perestroika period the Popular Mechanics sailed like Noah’s Arch  into the official life and started to comprise even more, the everyday absurd of the Perestroika chaos. After the shooting of “Assa”  the initial more underground cast obviously changed and the scenic action was complemented by pop-artists, politics and animals. And it also was the most precise projection of reality.

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