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Gleb Kosorukov

He was born in the Urals in the closed nuclear center, graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (Moscow, on the faculty of theoretical nuclear physics). In the 90s he worked as a photojournalist for The New York Times, The Guardian, Time, etc., by the end of the 90s the emphasis shifted to art projects, and fashion photography. Projects Novonovosibirsk and the Pole were exhibited in the Russian Museum, the Museum of Architecture, the large Manezh and  Chapele Salpetriere in Paris. Recent personal exhibitions of year 2010: 100Stahanovtsev: in Sete (fest.Images Singulieres, May), the art center, "Tkachi" in St. Petersburg (June), in Yekaterinburg, in the Industrial Biennale (September), in Kiev at the festival "GogolFest", each of them is a large-scale multimedia installation (more than 1500 m2). Smaller-scale projects and pieces of projects were exhibited in galleries, photographic festivals (Moscow Biennale, etc.), the Moscow museum of photography and cultural centers of European cities (Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Contemporary Art Centre Rejkjavik etc., Munich etc.) In 2010 was nominated for the Kandinsky prize with two projects: 100 Stakhanovtsev (project of the year) and Processes (media project of the year), with the project Procession came in to the final three. The project "100 Stakhanovtsev" comes out as a book published in the world famous STEIDL (Gottingen) in 2012, the documentary project "The Last Days of the Bolshoi Theatre" is negotiated   with the French publisher Actes Sud. His works are in permanent collections of the Russian Museum (from the project 100 Stakhanovtsev are on permanent exhibition in the Ludwig Museum in St. Petersburg), a photographic collection of the Hermitage, the collection of the Multimedia Center (formerly known as the Moscow House of Photography), Museum of Architecture and in private collections in Russia and abroad .



Photos: 5
"Nord" group,1989  for "I-d" magazine
"Nord" group,1989  for "I-d" magazine
Fashion set for  journal Ptuch,1995
Look bu Katya Filippova, for "Ptuch"magazine
Looks on Petrovskiy sqwott "I-d" magazine
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