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Ilya Piganov


In 1987, along with Alexei Shulgin, Sergey Leontiev, Vladislav Efimov, Igor Mukhin, Boris Mikhailov, Alexander Slyusarev, and others was in the group «Direct photo». Perhaps the entire photographic life of Moscow and the country at that time were in a small kitchen in the apartment of the Piganov family (wife - Irina Piganova-Meglinskaya), here came photographers from Harkov, Odessa, St. Petersburg, gallery owners and museum directors from around the world. In 1989 together with an advertising photographer Leonid Ogarev organized and headed the department of the photography in the Free Academy (Moscow). Ilya Piganov became a prominent figure of modern domestic photographic art in the 90s. His research in the field of artistic photography have been the subject of articles of art critics and the object of photo shoots of the hottest at that moment magazines - "Matador," "Ptuch", "Om." A little later, Ilya Piganov began to make big photo collages out of many works. In the 90’s became known as a photographer (with Tatiana Drubich), the creator of exclusive furniture. As a designer Ilya Piganov decorated with his works, including the image of a chess knight, a bar restaurant - "Egoist." The work of Ilya Piganov were exhibited at Sotheby's, and exhibited more than in 40 gallery and museum exhibitions in Russia and Europe, including the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), Pont Neuf (Paris), Museum of Contemporary Russian Art (Moscow), corporate and private collections in Russia, USA and Western Europe.


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