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A peculiar movement that emerged on the verge of bodybuilding mania and juvenile supervision program and because of that was actively canalized down by the press since 1986, resulting in a certain fashion and several waves of this movement. It was supported by the formalization of the informal bodybuilding, going on at this time in Kubinka near Moscow and staging of the first open bodybuilding contest in Lyubertsy, encouraged in a large measure by Sergey Zaitsev and athletes from Moscow club “Atlant”. The name “lyubera” was initially assigned to a group from suburban Lyubertsy frequenting places of youth entertainment in Moscow, but since 1987 spread not only to miscellaneous unrelated to each other groups, but also to bigger gangs, concentrated then in the Gorky Park and Arbat.  Gangs from Zdanovskaya, Lytkarino, Sovkhoz Moskovsky, Podolsk, Karacharovo, Naberezhnye Chelny, Kazan – that’s just a shortlist of “near-Moscow brotherhood” who was trying to control not only the forenamed territories, but also some of the bawdy places and station squares. Initially encouraged by the authorities, who were hoping to put these formations within bounds of volunteer order squads, these groups had no common dress-code except for the attraction for sportswear, but they also  had conflicting interests, that have consolidated only in terms of aggression against mods and “informals”. It’s worth noting that representatives of the “first wave” hastily dissociated from the new fashion and  continued to do bodybuilding and business irrelevant to minor street crime and social pressure. Along with this the common “lyubertsy”  trend, that up to 1987 was expressed in relaxed fix pants, caps and sweaters, after the release of series of articles in the press and a movie “The Publication” underwent changes and assumed checked pants fashion. This fashion, supported by forming of music band “Lyube”, lasted for almost a year, but was washed out along with the formation, that has been criminalized and overwhelmed by stormy events on the verge of the 90-s. At the same time special features inherent to local groups like sportswear of the certain colour, wide wedged pants, sporty or kiddy pomponed caps for identification of their “insiders” in this promiscuous company, were left out of “Lyubertsy-fashion”and mythology that outlived the movement itself by more than 5 years.

Photos: 10
Slava Zaitsev,1988
Afrika and lubera.Photo by Sergey Borisov,1986
Gorky park,1987
Film cadrs  fron "Publication" 1987.Photo by Sergey Borisov
Oldschool, Moscow 1986
Fashion 1988
Ex Luber 1987
Arbat,1988.Photo by Yaroslav Maev
Communars style 1989
In left fashion from early 90-s
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