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статьи, книги, фотоальбомы, cd dvd- и не только по татуировке
Наиболее крупный и качественный портал по теме.статьи, магазин, каталог студий и конвенций.
Сайт тату ресерчера Триш Айленд Полинезии, статьи и линки по Мока, Тики, Филлипинам и Таити
The wordwide polynesian tribal tattoo website. Tribal patterns and meanings (dictionary of symbols); Albums/photo galleries ; Custom made designs; Tattoo history in Polynesia; Directory of tribal tattooists from around the world (tattoo machines and traditional tools); Conventions, festivals, events and tattoo news. Tattoo video clips; Tribal Tattoo Forum; Online store: flashes, polynesian removable tattoos, stickers, books...
Created by Ni Powell
This site was created to address the lack of awareness of the Tongan Tatatau tradition. After researching for years, I've decided to compile the little information found on Tongan Tatatau. Early reference on Tongan Tattooing is scarce and the knowledge of it is quickly passing with each generation. I wanted to preserve this once important part of the Tongan culture and provide an accessible site for those interested in learning more.

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